World class efficiency

Unplugged™ has designed and patented proprietary power regulation protocols allowing our inductive modules to reach and maintain a flat efficiency above 95 % across the power spectrum. In other words, a 1000W rated Unplugged™ inductive module will maintain 95 % power transfer efficiency from 200 W to 1000 W. In fact, our couplers can be considered as wireless variable power supply with low heat loss.

Our technology is fundamentaly different from:

Qi based products:
Designed to be as low-cost as possible, Qi inductive modules are mainly found in cell phone and small electronics which require a low power transfer and can operate with a > 30 % power loss.

Resonance inductive modules:
Resonance modules have the benefit to be able to transfer power across a 10 to 15 cm air gap, however designed to operate at “resonance” and loses efficiency rapidly outside the “sweet” spot.