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Effortless integration of wireless power in your product line

About us

Unplugged™ engineers industrial inductive modules delivering reliable and safe wireless power regardless of the environmental conditions. Unplugged™ inductive modules transfer power from 30W to 5kW with efficiencies reaching 95%. In addition to transfer power, our inductive modules transfer wireless data, at speeds up to 1 Gpbs. Designed to be plug and play, ultra-compact and cost-effective our standard inductive modules can directly be embedded in your products in no time. With total control of the technology and the manufacturing process we provide end to end support for integration and custom design requests. We operate with various business models ranging from beskpoke engineering, white label and licensing manufacturing rights.

Unplugged™ technical solutions are currently used in many different applications:

  • Hot tool swap: currently operating under the harshest condition in the North Sea O&G platforms for more than a decade, our inductive slip rings installed on robots joints allows for hot tool swap in an explosion-proof and wet environment,
  • Instrumenting through metal barrier: Unplugged™ developed proprietary technology for inductive transfer of power and communication through metal. This technology enables the instrumentation of sensors in unreachable areas (e.g. pressured metal vessels) by powering and reading out sensor data completely wirelessly.
  • Battery-operated applications:
    – Subsea: our inductive technology designed with a service life of 15 years, charge, for example Saab’s autonomous subsea drones 3000 meters below the surface,
    – Mobility: installed on e-scooters and e-bikes charging stations we wirelessly power the micro-mobility green shift,
    – Agricultural: used to charge GPS sensor tracker for cattle our expertise allows farmers to locate flocks,
    – O&G: used in charging stations of autonomous robot our equipment enable remote operation in explosion-proof zones.

To better serve our customers Unplugged™ is organised as a group with 100% owned daughter companies specialised in the integration of our inductive modules in selective markets.

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