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reasons why our technology is world class


World class efficiency

Unplugged™ has designed and patented proprietary power regulation protocols allowing our inductive modules to reach and maintain a flat efficiency above 95 % across the whole power spectrum.  In other words, a 1000W rated Unplugged™ inductive module will maintain 95 % power transfer efficiency from 200 W to 1000 W. In fact, our couplers can be seen as wireless variable power supply with low heat loss.

Our technology is different from:

Qi based products
designed to be as low-cost as possible, Qi inductive modules are mainly found in cell phone and small electronics which require a low power transfer and can operate with a >30 % power loss.

Resonance inductive modules
Resonance modules have the benefit to be able to transfer power across a 10 to 15 cm air gap, however the whole system is designed to operate at “resonance” and loses efficiency rapidly outside the “sweet” spot.


Our inductive modules operate in any industrial environment

Unplugged™  has delivered inductive modules for subsea application rated for 15 years lifetime and 3000 meters subsea following the API 17F.

See project:

Explosion proof
Unplugged™ has delivered inductive modules zone 0 and zone 1 explosion proof rated.

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NOV | Hot Tool Swap | Torch light

Splash zone
Unplugged™ has delivered inductive modules for charging ferries and O&G assets in the splash zone.

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Shock & vibration
Unplugged™ electronics are vibration and shock tested according to Q1 and Q2 standard.

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360 | Sheep 2.0 | NOV


Plug and play by default, BMS integration on demand

Plug & Play
Unplugged™ regulation algorithms automatically handles rapid changes in loads, resulting in an excellent power response hereby making our product equivalent to a power supply. By default, our products delivers constant voltage (CV). For battery applications we can deliver constant current (CC) and Constant voltage (CV). If those parameters correspond to the requirement of your design, our product are plug and play.

See project:

BMS integration
We have extensive knowledge and experience with battery selection and battery management system integration. Given the fact we are building the inductive modules from A to Z, if your design require an integration we can perform it for you.

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More than just power transfer

In addition to wireless power, Unplugged™ inductive modules design incorporate a full duplex data communication channel allowing for simultaneous power and data transfer capabilities.

Four different communication channels available: gigabit (proprietary), ethernet, RS232, RS485.

See product:
Pucks | 1Gbps

Unplugged™ inductive modules can use the magnetic field to guide autonomous robots to dock accurately.

See project:


Ultra compact, friendly product integration

Ultra compact
Unplugged™ “puck” design integrates the power regulation electronic board at the back of the coil resulting in compact products. Our 400 W electronic regulation board weight less than 100 grammes.

See projects:
Pucks | Sheep 2.0 | Torch light

Friendly product integration
When the power demand increase above 400 W, the electronics are separated from the back of the inductive coil and lodged in a DIN standard enclosure.

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Customisable at will & white label business models opportunity

Unplugged™ develops from A to Z the hardware and software contained in its products. We can customize and engineer any solution for you.

For high volume production we operate a white label business model including providing manufacturing rights.
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