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Unplugged™ supported Mobidock in the design of their inductive charging stations

Powering the micro-mobility revolution

MobiDock® eScooter Easy Charge System is a complete parking solution for electric scooters with wireless charging. Each stand and electric scooter has inductive charging and communication surfaces installed. The technology has been developed as part of a pilot project with support from Innovation Norway. The goal is to establish sustainable charging infrastructure for micromobility in small and large cities both nationally and internationally.

Micromobility as a concept is a relatively new phenomenon but has in very short time become very popular in most cities. Oslo is probably the best example of how the market exploded, with its 28 000 rent-out el-scooters in the streets of the summer 2021. However, the same cities also experience challenges related to this industry in terms of public untidiness and the problems that follow such numbers. On this background the idea, of having the units charged, while they were parked securely and tidily sparked the creation of MobiDock.

The inductive 150 W modules engineered during this project were design to be:

  • Brand agnostics: The inductive power regulation is designed to work across brands and automatically regulates the right power level to the battery requirement of the mobile device docked to the charging station.
  • Compatible: The system is designed to be used for e-scooter or e-bikes, a simple electronic adapter needs to be mounted on the fork of the mobile device to become compatible with the charging station. Today the system has been demonstrated on Voi (Seagway), Ryde (Bydue), Zimo, Freego, etc.
  • Robust under any environmental condition: No plug or port can be worn or damaged by connection and disconnection to the charging station. The wireless power connection provides unlimited safe connections, even when wet, frozen or dirty.