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NOV commissioned Unplugged™ engineers to develop an inductive swivel

Engineering of an inductive swivel for a top drive in an (Ex) explosion proof zone

A top drive system is a drilling and pipe handling system for oil platform. Instrumentation of the pipe handling system is challenging due to the top drive constant rotation.

Unplugged™ engineers developed a top drive instrumentation hub that consists of a contactless swivel with control electronic and barrier for different types of Ex sensors and valves. The system enables transmission of power and signals across the air gap between swivel outer and swivel inner rims. The instrumentation hub received a 1 EX approval and has been installed on the Johan Sverdrup platform in 2015. 

Swivel key characteristics:
Power transfer:
48W inductive power
128 kbps
Digital IO channels:
Analog IO channels:
Geir Olav Gyland
Wireless Power Pioneer & Partner
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