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Unplugged™ engineered an inductive slip ring for Hernis Scan Systems PT12 camera

Enabling a 360° video feed

Setting the standard with safe, reliable, cost effective CCTV solutions safeguarding people, equipment and the environment.

Hernis turnkey CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) solutions are designed to perform safely and reliably under the most extreme corrosive and physically demanding environments. Clear video images of all critical areas enhance the safety of people and facilities and allows to find faster solutions to issues that could cause down-time on the site. 

Hernis comissioned Unplugged™ engineers to develop a slip ring that would power the camera while allowing a 360 degree rotation. 

Inductive slip ring specifications
Inductive power transmission:
30 W
I/O channels:
RS422/232/485 (analog)
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