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Wireless point to point communication

1 Gbps wireless data transfer full duplex

In contrast to traditional Wi-Fi based on electric fields, Unplugged™ 1Gbps wireless point-to-point communication system uses magnetic fields and close coupling. The use of magnetic field provides a great advantage when it comes to wireless communication in dense mediums i.e.seawater as electric fields in those mediums are highly attenuated.

Originally the system was designed for subsea use, however, the cost-effectiveness of the 1Gbps antennas, which weigh 10 grams with 2 cm radius footprint have been relevant in many dry applications and have been embedded in swivels as well as charging stations for drones uploading raw video data feed. 

No set-up required:
Unplugged 1Gbps wirelesss is a “plug and play” solution. No pairing or configuration of the wireless link is necessary.

Network transparent: the 1Gbps solution does not affect the network configuration it is a "wireless cable splice"
1Gbps only relates to the physical layer in the OSI-model, meaning: the system on the physical layer is a splice, however on does not make any changes to the bits or bytes transferred; what is sent in on one side is identical to what is received on the other side, henceforth invisible on the network.

Time to establish the communication link:
The time from when the power is turned on to the communication link is established is below 5 seconds.

High bandwidth:
The system supports full duplex 1Gbps.

No corrosion:
There are no metallic connector pins between the two antenas, the system can be fully encpasulated.

Harsh environment:
The 1Gbps design is compliant with subsea and Ex standards.

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