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Powering the TX20, CX20, TX40 and CX40 light torches

Explosion proof (Ex) certified torch light

Unplugged™ designed and manufactured the inductive solution powering the TX20, CX20, TX40 and CX40 light torches. The EX certified the torches were designed for use in Zone 0, 1 and 2, for gas groups IIC, IIB & IIA.

The torch charging system utilizes galvanic power transfer, eliminating conductivity problems commonly experienced with exposure to saltwater, oil spills, and extreme weather conditions.This patented high efficiency induction technology also enables the torch to be recharged within Zone 1 hazardous environments, and operated under Zone 0 conditions. An optional safety allows the Ex torch and charger to be sealed with a securing wire, focusing application towards emergency lighting equipment. In the event of a power outage, the torch will automatically turn on and illuminate its location, making the solution an important part of safety installations

Torch charger specifications:
Wireless power
Input voltage (V)
3 x 5W
Geir Olav Gyland
Wireless Power Pioneer & Partner
+47 9777 4858