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Unplugged manufactured 40 000 inductive modules powering digital bells used to track cattle in rural aeras

Sheep 2.0

Every year sheep farmers lose a percentage of their flock and must undergo extensive search to find them. Cattle, sheeps in this case, can be lost due to being stuck in severe weather conditions, wonder off, or be stolen. Farmers need a robust tracking device that can provide tracking in rural area for a long period of time and tolerate any weather environments. Find-my, designed an e-bell that contains a GPS tracker.

Find-my commissiond Unplugged™ to power and re-charge the e-bell. Unplugged engineers customised a 10 W inductive module to the e-bell size, manufactured 40 000 units and provided support during the integration process. The resulting e-bell design includes satellite tracking to an external cloud service, low-power solution that gives 1 year battery time and ability to inductively recharge the e-bell in two hours. The bell istsell is fully enclosed in order to withstand harsh conditions.

To charge multiple e-bells effectively and simultaneously, Unplugged developed a smart charging board that has the capacity of charging 5 e-bells is the same time with maximum power output of 10W per slot. This allows for sheep farmers to charge the devices concurrently and put them in operation in a short time span. Moreover, this board can upload firmware upgrade of the devices.

The specification of the charging board is listed below:
Power output:
10W (per slot)
+24 VDC
Charging time:
Approximately 2,5 hours
650 x 360 x 130 mm
Geir Olav Gyland
Wireless Power Pioneer & Partner
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