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Unplugged engineered an Ex certified inductive slip ring for Robotic Drilling Systems

Robotic hot tool swap in an (Ex) explosion hazardous zone

Robotic Drilling Systems (RDS) develops robot technology for fully unmanned drill floor operations. RDS was in a need of a tool interface which enabled the robot to hot swap tools autonomously in an Ex enviroment. The tool interface needed to support 360 degrees of continuous rotation while suppling the tool with power and a data communication link.

Unplugged™ commissioned by RDS  engineered a custom inductive slip ring for this specific application:
Inductive slip ring specifications:
110 W
Input voltage:
220-240 VAC
Output voltage:
22-24 VDC
10 mbit/s
Geir Olav Gyland
CEO & partner
+47 9777 4858