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Bespoke engineering:

Easy charge & cable reel in one

Unplugged inductive wireless technology integrated with a cable reel, perfect for charging electrical vehicles such as golf carts, forklifts, electrical boats, etc.

Ultra convenient
Standard plug connected to wireless inductive power module gives you friction less rotation with improved robustness of pulling out and coiling in the cable multiple times.

Can be integrated with a battery pack completely sealed off. The system can be integrated in electric vehicles (e.g. golf carts, e-bikes, forklifts, etc.). Hermetically sealed the contraption prevent corrosion and damage of parts and can be cleaned by a high-pressure water.

Add-on functionalities can be embedded in the electronics board, in example charging status, number of charges, etc.

Vin: 100-250 AC
Vout: 36 DC (other configuration possible)

Inductive cable reel cross section

Inductive cable reel 

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