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Bespoke engineering:

Inductive slip rings

Unplugged™  delivers bespoke engineered inductive slip rings with control electronic for transmission of power and data.

Not as widespread as electromechanical slip rings, Unplugged™  slip rings use inductive coupling as a mode of transmission for power and data. Benefits include ultra long-life, friction-free operation with no arcing — helpful where settings include flammable materials.

With the coils rotating on their axis, the transmission of electrical power and data is constant, regardless of rpm or the position of the stationary and rotating coils. Our regulation software uses self-harmonizing functions to regulate power transfer efficiency - useful in the face of fluctuating loads or settings.

Traditional slip rings are susceptible to noise and vibration and require regular maintenance, on the other hand, our inductive couplers are contact-free. Unplugged™  inductive slip rings eliminate all the hassle of traditional slip rings and are not affected by dirt or water, nor vibrations.

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